Ashmeet Singh

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The present study reports the development of a unique class of Cytochrome C (CytC)-loaded cross-beta amyloid nanohybrids. The peroxidase activity of the bound CytC increased up to two orders of magnitude in organic solvents compared to the activity of unbound CytC in water. The amyloid sequences used in the study feature the nucleating core (17) LVFF(21) of(More)
We have developed a unique class of MoS2 entrapped aqueous gels where the exfoliated sheets trigger physical cross-linking of nanofibers of peptide amphiphiles. Strikingly, these aqueous gels show acute responsiveness towards near infra-red light (804 nm), an unprecedented observation for molecular hydrogels.
We argue in a model-independent way that the Hilbert space of quantum gravity is locally finite-dimensional. In other words, the density operator describing the state corresponding to a small region of space, when such a notion makes sense, is defined on a finite-dimensional factor of a larger Hilbert space. Because quantum gravity potentially describes(More)
Herein, we report the efficient exfoliation of MoS2 in aqueous medium by short cationic peptide nanotubes featuring the nucleating core (17) LVFFA(21) of β-amyloid (Aβ 1-42), a sequence associated with Alzheimer's disease. The role of morphology, length, and nature of the amyloid surface on exfoliation/dispersions of MoS2 were investigated through specific(More)
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