Ashlyn T. Young

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Substitution of phenylalanine for tyrosine 315 of the polyoma virus middle T (mT) protein lowers the incidence and limits the spectrum of tumors induced following inoculation of the virus into newborn mice. This substitution removes the major site of phosphorylation by pp60c-src without altering the ability of mT to associate with or to activate pp60c-src.(More)
The human body is a complex network of molecules, organelles, cells, tissues, and organs: an uncountable number of interactions and transformations interconnect all the system's components. In addition to these biochemical components, biophysical components, such as pressure, flow, and morphology, and the location of all of these interactions play an(More)
Photographs of green flashes do not preclude a role for physiological effects in these phenomena. While green flashes are certainly not after-images, there is compelling evidence that adaptation in the visual system strongly affects the perceived color of most sunset green flashes. Furthermore, the retinal image of the setting Sun is usually bright enough(More)
  • Stuart S Neuberg, Richard S Winter, Wei Larson, X S Li, Richard A Liu, A T Young +6 others
  • 2006
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We have constructed a plasmid that selectively integrates adjacent to the CYC1 locus, which determines iso-1-cytochrome c in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Different CYC1 alleles can be conveniently recovered by digestion of total DNA from transformed strains with BgI II, a restriction endonuclease that does not cut the vector or the CYC1 gene,(More)
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