Ashlin Sathyan

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Stimuli responsive polymeric nanocarrier (RCOP-2) functionalized with frontline antituberculosis drug (Rifampicin) is demonstrated for sustained release. Bioavailability of Rifampicin is taken care of by conjugating this drug through a acylhydrazine linker to the polymeric backbone. The poly(ethylene glycol) structural motif is introduced in the copolymer(More)
A novel library of norbornene derived helical copolymer has been synthesized through the coupling of two homopolymers via Molecular Marriage Approach. The helicity is governed by the non-covalent interactions like hydrogen bonding, π-π stacking and the influence of hydrophobic and hydrophilic motifs. The detailed characterization of the copolymer (Copoly 1)(More)
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