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Born of Big Brother: celebrity, interactivity and the thinnest of screens
With the advent of reality TV phenomena such as Big Brother (BB), a new form of celebrity was born: one raised hand-in-hand with interactive media technologies. From among the various platforms thatExpand
Remediated Pedagogies? The Secret Life of Six Year Olds
In 2015, a new reality television program debuted on Channel 4 in the UK. The Secret Life of Four Year Olds was based on a pilot from the previous year, and this time around it was augmented by TheExpand
The Digital Utterance: A Crossmedia Approach to Media Education
This chapter draws on Bakhtin’s term ‘heteroglossia’ to help sketch out a new conception of crossmedia practice, which while recognising distinct media as ‘utterances’, also celebrates a renewedExpand
Children's Culture
Children's cross-platform media preferences : a sense of kindness and a want for learning?
Cross-platform media practices have moved from being something of an under-considered side show, to a strategic necessity. A development vision that attempts to transcend historic platformExpand
What ‘children’ experience and ‘adults’ may overlook: phenomenological approaches to media practice, education and research
Abstract This paper argues that each utterance of media should be seen as in dialogue with each other utterance, and that children, being the phenomenological hub to their lived media experience,Expand