Ashley Wellman

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High-resolution 3D scanning can improve the performance of object detection and door opening, two tasks critical to the operation of mobile manipulators in cluttered homes and workplaces. We discuss how high-resolution depth information can be combined with visual imagery to improve the performance of object detection beyond what is (currently) achievable(More)
Art is a valuable learning tool, regardless of discipline, that is often neglected in the college classroom. This article describes an artistic group exercise that required students enrolled in a homicide class to illustrate “warning” posters, depicting various explanations for why people kill. The author explores how this innovative group project enhanced(More)
About 18% of women and 3% of men report being a victim of sexual assault, but fewer than one-third of victims seek immediate medical attention or psychological counseling. Over time, victims may experience physical and emotional reactions and turn to primary care providers, who should be prepared to identify survivors of sexual assault and provide(More)
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