Ashley Twigger

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In this paper we propose and analyse a hybrid numerical-asymptotic boundary element method for the solution of problems of high frequency acoustic scattering by a class of sound-soft nonconvex polygons. The approximation space is enriched with carefully chosen oscillatory basis functions; these are selected via a study of the high frequency asymptotic(More)
Traditional numerical methods for time-harmonic acoustic scattering problems become prohibitively expensive in the high-frequency regime where the scatterer is large compared to the wavelength of the incident wave. In this paper we propose and analyse a hybrid boundary element method (BEM) for a class of non-convex polygo-nal scatterers. In this method the(More)
Standard boundary element methods (BEMs) for scattering problems are prohibitively expensive at high frequencies due to the need to resolve the highly oscillatory solution. Recently various authors have proposed novel high frequency boundary integral equation methods which build knowledge of high frequency asymptotics into the approximation space (see [1],(More)
We propose a numerical-asymptotic boundary element method for problems of time-harmonic acoustic scattering of an incident plane wave by a sound-soft two-dimensional (2D) screen. Standard numerical schemes have a computational cost that grows at least linearly with respect to the frequency of the incident wave. Here, we enrich our approximation space with(More)
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