Ashley Skelton

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Little is known about whether media campaigns are effective strategies to promote smoking cessation among socioeconomically disadvantaged populations or whether media campaigns may unintentionally maintain or widen disparities in smoking cessation by socioeconomic status (SES). This paper presents a systematic review of the literature on the effectiveness(More)
'Who profits from nonprofits?' asked Herzlinger and Krasker in a recent Harvard Business Review article. Their study examined whether not-for-profit hospitals achieve the intended social goals for which they are subsidised by society. In this paper, we report a reconsideration of Herzlinger and Krasker's question. Using a larger data set and a different(More)
An understanding of the relationship among cost, quality, and competition is vital to ongoing efforts of market-based health care reform. The objectives of this study were to introduce a distance-based operational definition of competition and to examine the relationships among competition, cost, and quality within the singular product and geographic market(More)
A software program is presented which automates the quadrat analysis procedure for detecting spatial or temporal clustering outlined by Boots and Getis. The software essentially compares observed values within areal or temporal sampling units to those values that would have been obtained were the values distributed randomly. A chi-square test of(More)
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