Ashley R Moore

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Studies in the development of form as such do not necessarily lead to an understanding of the phenomena in terms of physics or chemistry. Only by alterations produced by simple physico-chemical means is it possible to gain an insight into the mechanism of development. Foremost among such revealing studies are I-IEI%BST'S on the necessity of the inorganic(More)
1. The unfertilized egg of the sea urchin may be rendered incapable of forming either fertilization or hyaline membrane by treatment with a solution of non-electrolyte, specifically urea. This reaction is not reversible. 2. Eggs fertilized after treatment with a solution of non-electrolyte segment and form irregular clusters of cells—never blastulae. A(More)
Equations are presented which allow prediction of the number of direct or indirect matching sequences in DNA. Predicted match frequencies can be calculated for any match length, DNA strand length and DNA base composition, assuming only that the DNA sequence is random. The effect of varying these parameters is described, and match frequency is related to the(More)
'The ethical landscape', the title given to part of a course devised by Mr. Moore, is described in full in this paper. The whole course is a new adventure in medical education designed to help students to explore the ethical problems in the practice of medicine. The 'ethical landscape' is seen through discussion based on passages from literature depicting(More)
1. In the dark adapted Mnemiopsis, mechanical stimulation causes luminescence along the eight rows of paddle plates. The tactile receptors for this reaction lie only in the paddle plate rows, and are connected only longitudinally along these rows. 2. The tactile receptors for ciliary and muscular movement are distributed generally over the surface and are(More)
1. With the indicator method of Haas, the rates of carbon dioxide production have been measured in the case of the sciatic nerve, various parts of the brain, and the sartorius muscle of the frog. The rate of respiration of the sciatic nerve is from 10 to 30 per cent of that of the other tissues, varying somewhat with the individual. 2. Stimulation of the(More)
1. By the use of preparations of earthworm in which the cutaneous receptors have been anesthetized with a solution of M/8 MgCl(2), it is shown that peristalsis can be initiated by tension alone. 2. The receptors of the tension reflex are the intermyal sensory cells of the ventral region of the body wall. 3. It is concluded that Straub obtained the tension(More)
A 6-year-old, spayed female cat was presented with acute respiratory signs and pleural effusion. Computed tomography scan revealed a large, lobulated mass effect in the ventral right hemithorax with concurrent sternal lymphadenopathy. A cytologic sample of the mass contained pyogranulomatous inflammation, necrotic material, and abundant yeast structures(More)