Ashley Parks

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The aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AHR) is critically involved in several physiologic processes, including cancer progression and multiple immune system activities. We, and others, have hypothesized that AHR modulators represent an important new class of targeted therapeutics. Here, ligand shape-based virtual modeling techniques were used to identify novel AHR(More)
The endogenous ligand-activated aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AHR) plays an important role in numerous biologic processes. As the known number of AHR-mediated processes grows, so too does the importance of determining what endogenous AHR ligands are produced, how their production is regulated, and what biologic consequences ensue. Consequently, our studies(More)
Spirometry is the gold standard for managing and diagnosing obstructive lung diseases. Clinical spirometers, however, are expensive and have limited portability. Vortex whistles have shown promise as a potential substitute for clinical spirometers. While vortex whistles are low-cost and are highly portable, only a subset of common spirometry measurements(More)
Dorsal displacement of the soft palate associated with dysphagia and aspiration pneumonia was diagnosed in 2 young foals. The displacement appeared to be congenital. Clinical signs associated with the condition were resolved after staphylectomy. Dorsal displacement of the soft palate is usually recognized in adult animals as an upper respiratory tract(More)
Amyloid light chain (AL) amyloidosis is a lethal disorder characterized by the pathologic deposition of clonal plasma cell-derived, fibrillogenic immunoglobulin light chains in vital organs. Current chemotherapeutic regimens are problematic in patients with compromised organ function and are not effective for all patients. Here, a platform of computer-based(More)
INTRODUCTION Availability of timely access to ambulatory care for semi-urgent medical concerns in rural and suburban locales is unknown. Further distance to an emergency department (ED) may require rural clinics to serve as surrogate EDs in their region, and make it more likely for these clinics to offer timely appointments. We determined the availability(More)
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