Ashley N Cabecinha

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Nucleic acid aptamers are novel molecular recognition tools that offer many advantages compared to their antibody and peptide-based counterparts. However, challenges associated with in vitro selection, characterization, and validation have limited their wide-spread use in the fields of diagnostics and therapeutics. Here, we extracted detailed information(More)
SDS-PAGE is one of the most powerful protein separation techniques, and in-gel digestion is the leading method for converting proteins separated by SDS-PAGE into peptides suitable for mass spectrometry-based proteomic studies. In in-gel digestion, proteins are digested within the gel matrix, and the resulting peptides are extracted into an appropriate(More)
Humans are continuously exposed to volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as these chemicals are ubiquitously present in most indoor and outdoor environments. In order to assess recent exposure to VOCs for population-based studies, VOCs are measured in the blood of participants. This work describes an improved method to detect 12 VOCs by head-space solid-phase(More)
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