Ashley Meier

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The workload and stress associated with a 40-min vigilance task were examined under conditions wherein observers monitored an auditory or a visual display for changes in signal duration. Global workload scores fell in the midrange of the NASA Task Load Index, with scores on the Frustration subscale increasing linearly over time. These effects were unrelated(More)
METHODS To assess the occupational exposure of the anaesthetist to anaesthetic gases, a total of 1 German and 25 Swiss hospitals were investigated. A Brüel & Kjaer Type 1302 multi-gas monitor was used to measure concentrations of nitrous oxide and halogenated anaesthetic agents in the anaesthetist's breathing zone. Measurements were performed during 114(More)
In der vorliegenden Studie wurde festgestellt, daß die Narkosegasexpositionen in der Kinderanästhesie in der Regel erheblich höher sind als bei Narkosen an Erwachsenen. Die während 55 Kindernarkosen durchgeführten Messungen zeigten, daß sowohl durch effiziente Absauganlagen als auch durch Verwendung kleiner Frischgasflows Expositionsreduktionen von 85%(More)
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