Ashley M Neese

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STUDY DESIGN Cross-sectional survey. OBJECTIVE The purpose of our study was to evaluate a large population of adolescents from a broad mix of racial/ethnic backgrounds and age groups to better establish baseline normative values for the Scoliosis Research Society-22 (SRS-22). SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA The SRS-22 instrument was developed to assess(More)
BACKGROUND One-fourth of the adult US population has or will experience back pain and has undergone one of a myriad of treatments. Understanding the outcomes of these many treatments from pharmacologic to surgical, from manipulation to modality, allows for a better understanding and value-driven decision making. Patient-reported outcome measures are the(More)
BACKGROUND CONTEXT The neck disability index (NDI) was the first patient-reported outcome (PRO) instrument specific to patients with neck pain, and it remains one of the most widely used PROs for the neck population. The NDI is an appealing measure as it is a short and well-known PRO measure. Currently, there are conflicting data on the performance and(More)
STUDY DESIGN Data were collected at a university orthopedic clinic in 2012. The final sample consisted of 316 patients. Sample included new and annual follow-up adult patients for all operative and nonoperative spine care. Outcome measures consisted of the patient-reported outcome measurement information system (PROMIS) anxiety 4-item short form (SF-4), the(More)
BACKGROUND CONTEXT Psychological distress has been shown to adversely affect the treatment outcomes of many spinal disorders. Most physicians do not routinely use psychological screening questionnaires. Additionally, physicians have not performed well when assessing patients for psychological distress while using clinical impression alone. PURPOSE The(More)
STUDY DESIGN Patient-reported outcomes provide vital information when assessing effectiveness of clinical care. Yet, most patient-reported outcome instruments are limited by lack of validation and reliability to measure PF adequately. As part of the Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System (PROMIS), a PF item bank consisting of 124 items has(More)
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