Ashley M. Long

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Derbyshire was one of the best known centres of endemic goitre in Great Britain. Some 160 km from the coast in the direction of the prevailing wind, topsoils in the area are generally low in iodine (mean = 5.44 mg l/kg). Weathered rocks and soils are richer in iodine than the unweathered bedrocks, with soils developed over limestones being richer than those(More)
A simple model of a feedback loop controlling ventilation is analysed. This model is intended to describe the response of the system, initially at equilibrium, to a sudden fall in CO2 concentration in the lung, brought about by a deep sigh. A previous paper described the model in detail and the general method of analysis. Here we continue the discussion of(More)
Methods for monitoring bird nests might influence rates of nest predation, but the effects of various methods (e.g., visual markers and observer visitation rates) are often separately investigated among disparate avian taxa and geographic regions. Few investigators have explored the potential effects observers might have on nest success of grassland birds,(More)
Anthropogenic noise associated with highway construction and operation can have individual- and population-level consequences for wildlife (e.g., reduced densities, decreased reproductive success, behavioral changes). We used a before-after control-impact study design to examine the potential impacts of highway construction and traffic noise on endangered(More)
Given natural variation in weather conditions and increased risk of drought associated with climate change, understanding how birds respond to fluctuations in precipitation is a necessary step toward development of more-effective, long-term management strategies for species of conservation concern. We compared behaviors and reproductive output of the(More)
—Encroachment of woody plants is widespread in semiarid grasslands of the southwestern United States. Wildlife responses to shrub removal techniques in the region are relatively unknown. In 2008 and 2009, we examined avian responses to prescribed burning of ungrazed shortgrass prairie within a study area (4811 ha) near Amarillo, Texas, that is heavily(More)
Shrubs, such as mesquite (Prosopis spp.) and cholla (Opuntia spp.), now dominate firesuppressed grasslands in southwestern North America. Responses of birds to prescribed burning of the shortgrass prairie in this region are poorly understood. We examined daily survival rates of mourning dove (Zenaida macroura) and lark sparrow (Chondestes grammacus) nests(More)
Wildlife conservation and management on military lands must be accomplished in the context of military readiness, which often includes ground-based training that is perceived to conflict with wildlife needs and environmental regulations. From 2008‒2012, we examined territory density, pairing success, and fledging success of the federally endangered(More)
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