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DNA polymerases change their specificity for nucleotide substrates with each catalytic cycle, while achieving error frequencies in the range of 10(-5) to 10(-6). Here we present a 2.2 A crystal structure of the replicative DNA polymerase from bacteriophage T7 complexed with a primer-template and a nucleoside triphosphate in the polymerase active site. The(More)
Anthropogenic noise associated with highway construction and operation can have individual- and population-level consequences for wildlife (e.g., reduced densities, decreased reproductive success, behavioral changes). We used a before-after control-impact study design to examine the potential impacts of highway construction and traffic noise on endangered(More)
The endpoint included in the sectioned testes assay has been evaluated in other studies. However, the protocol itself has not been validated. Pending a final decision on the study design, the protocol would be ready to enter the prevalidation phase. Optimization of the assay could be determined for the amount of testis actually needed to obtain a given(More)
Social influences on drinking ethanol solution were studied in two cats ("drinkers") who voluntarily drank small amounts of 10% ethanol solution in milk and three other cats ("nondrinkers") who served as companions to the drinkers. A 15-minute session was conducted daily in a compartment divided into two even parts with a transparent Plexiglass partition.(More)
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