Ashley M. Eden

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In this paper we present a visually compelling and informative cartoon rendering style for liquid animations. Our style is inspired by animations such as <i>Futurama</i>,<sup>1</sup> <i>The Little Mermaid</i>,<sup>2</sup> and <i>Bambi</i><sup>2</sup>. We take as input a liquid surface obtained from a three-dimensional physically based liquid simulation(More)
In this paper we present a method for synthesizing videos of human motion by splicing together clips of input video. There are two main contributions in this work. The first is developing a method for “kinematically correct morphing” of images of human figure, which is used to splice together the clips in input video in a manner that produces smooth output(More)
We present an algorithm for creating animation by keyframing, stylistic sequencing, random sampling, or by a combination of these methods. We first “learn” a motion model from existing animation data (such as motion capture), and optionally label specific frames as corresponding to specific “styles.” The system can then generate a new motion in the style of(More)
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