Ashley Lewis

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Situated within a positive psychology perspective, this study explored linkages between adolescent students' positive subjective well-being and their levels of engagement in schooling. Specifically, using structural equation modeling techniques, we evaluated the nature and directionality of longitudinal relationships between life satisfaction and student(More)
As formative research for the development of a suite of middle school life science video games, we are adapting microgenetic research methods [15] that use repeated, small-scale task-based sessions with participants to document how reasoning and understanding can develop and change in short periods of time. In this study, we are working with students(More)
novel mechanistic interpretation of instantaneous temperature responses of leaf net photosynthesis. and nitrogen stocks in forests along an altitudinal gradient in the eastern Himalayas and a meta-analysis of global data. (2016). Testing the generality of above-ground biomass allometry across plant functional types at the continent scale. Assessing the(More)
With a growing need for sustainable resources research has become highly interested in investigating the structure and physical properties of biomaterials composed of natural macromolecules. In this study, we assessed the structural, morphological, and thermal properties of blended, regenerated films comprised of cellulose, lignin, and hemicellulose (xylan)(More)
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