Ashley L. Guinan

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This paper presents the design and initial characterization of a video game controller prototype with tactile skin stretch displays embedded into its thumb joysticks. This work builds on previous work using lateral skin stretch at a single fingertip to provide direction cues. Our game controller allows a gamer to receive directional tactile feedback through(More)
This paper presents the design of a game controller with integrated skin stretch feedback, a new form of touch feedback. This form of feedback can be used to provide directional information, as well as tactile gaming effects to a user through the input thumb joysticks. Prior testing has shown that a user can perceive and respond to single direction cues(More)
This paper presents the design and development of a novel device for providing tactile feedback in five degrees of freedom (5-DOF). Four translational and four rotational motions of the hand can be communicated to a user using two independently controlled 2-DOF skin stretch feedback devices placed back-to-back. An additional two rotational motions of the(More)
This paper presents the design and development of handheld gaming devices that provide a new form of touch feedback: skin stretch feedback. Our prior work showed 1-1.5 mm of skin stretch applied to the fingertips (or thumb tips) could provide direction cues with high accuracy. The direction of each cue corresponded to the direction of applied skin stretch.(More)
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