Ashley Humphries

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Decorin, a member of the small leucine-rich proteoglycan gene family, impedes tumor cell growth by down-regulating the epidermal growth factor receptor. Decorin has a complex binding repertoire, thus, we predicted that decorin would modulate the bioactivity of other tyrosine kinase receptors. We discovered that decorin binds directly and with high affinity(More)
Previously we reported that homozygous Flcn knockout mice are embryonic lethal. To elucidate Flcn function in vivo, we conditionally inactivated Flcn using tamoxifen-inducible CreERTM transgenic mice. Four to six weeks after tamoxifen injection into Flcnf/f, Cre-ERTM (KO) mice and littermate controls, the KO mice developed hepato-splenomegaly and enlarged(More)
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