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Network administration is a task that requires experience in relating symptoms of network problems with possible causes and corrective actions. We describe the design of a system and more specifically its information retrieval component, which aims to retrieve articles relevant to a given problem case from a collection of articles describing previously(More)
Netpal is a web-based dynamic knowledge base system designed to assist network administrators in their troubleshooting tasks, in recalling and storing experience, and in identifying new failure cases and their symptoms. In the context of web hosting environments, Netpal summarises network data and and supports retrieval of relevant organisational experience(More)
Genetic Programming offers freedom in the definition of the cost function that is unparalleled among supervised learning algorithms. However, this freedom goes largely unexploited in previous work. Here, we revisit the design of fitness functions for genetic programming by explicitly considering the contribution of the wrapper and cost function. Within the(More)
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