Ashley George

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Human endometrium undergoes cyclic regeneration involving stem/progenitor cells, but the role of resident endometrial mesenchymal stem cells (eMSC) as progenitors of endometrial stromal fibroblasts (eSF) has not been definitively demonstrated. In endometriosis, eSF display progesterone (P4) resistance with impaired decidualization in vivo and in vitro. To(More)
NMDA receptors (NMDARs) mediate excitatory synaptic transmission during repetitive or prolonged glutamate release, playing a critical role in synaptic plasticity or cell death, respectively. Evidence indicates that a major pathway of NMDAR signaling to cell death in cortical and hippocampal neurons requires the scaffolding protein post-synaptic density 95(More)
Network administration is a task that requires experience in relating symptoms of network problems with possible causes and corrective actions. We describe the design of a system and more specifically its information retrieval component, which aims to retrieve articles relevant to a given problem case from a collection of articles describing previously(More)
Genetic Programming offers freedom in the definition of the cost function that is unparalleled among supervised learning algorithms. However, this freedom goes largely unexploited in previous work. Here, we revisit the design of fitness functions for genetic programming by explicitly considering the contribution of the wrapper and cost function. Within the(More)
Netpal is a web-based dynamic knowledge base system designed to assist network administrators in their troubleshooting tasks, in recalling and storing experience, and in identifying new failure cases and their symptoms. In the context of web hosting environments, Netpal summarises network data and and supports retrieval of relevant organisational experience(More)
Factors delivered to offspring in colostrum within 2 days of birth support neonatal porcine uterine development. The uterine mRNA transcriptome is affected by age and nursing during this period. Whether uterine microRNA (miRNA) expression is affected similarly is unknown. Objectives were to (1) determine effects of age and nursing on porcine uterine miRNA(More)
The lactocrine hypothesis for maternal programming of female reproductive tract development is based on the idea that non-nutritive, milk-borne bioactive factors (MbFs), delivered from mother to offspring during nursing, play a role in determining the trajectory of development with long-term consequences in the adult. Porcine female reproductive tract(More)
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