Ashley E Olson

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Thirty-four Holstein cows, pregnant with their second calf, were individually fed diets containing 3 concentrations of phosphorus (P): 24 cows for 12 months and 10 cows for 7.5 months of lactation. Cows were randomly allotted to the specific dietary groups 2 months before expected parturition. The 3 dietary concentrations of P were 0.24%, 0.32%, and 0.42%(More)
The National Diet and Nutrition Survey (NDNS) is a cross-sectional survey designed to gather data representative of the UK population on food consumption, nutrient intakes and nutritional status. The objectives of the present paper were to identify and describe food consumption and nutrient intakes in the UK from the first year of the NDNS rolling programme(More)
For 10 years, 42 female Herefords (as they progressed from weanling calves to aged cows) were fed diets individually, with phosphorus (P) content being the only variable. During growth and the first 3 gestations, clinically evident differences were not associated with 2 dietary treatments (approx 12 and 38 g of P/day). During the next 2 gestations (2(More)
To compare the occurrence of chronic fluoride toxicosis in wild and domestic animals in selected areas of Utah, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming, deer, elk, and bison bones and teeth were collected for evaluation. Vegetation and drinking water samples also were collected, so that potential sources of fluoride could be evaluated. Deer, elk, and bison were found(More)
High saturated fat intake is an established risk factor for several chronic diseases. The objective of the present study is to report dietary intakes and main food sources of fat and fatty acids (FA) from the first year of the National Diet and Nutrition Survey (NDNS) rolling programme in the UK. Dietary data were collected using 4 d estimated food diaries(More)
Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) is characterized by accumulation of mature appearing lymphocytes and is rarely complicated by thrombosis. One possible explanation for the paucity of thrombotic events in these patients may be the presence of the ecto-nucleotidase CD39/NTDPase-1 on the surface of the malignant cells in CLL. CD39 is the major promoter of(More)
Hereford heifers (48 initially) were individually fed variable amounts of dietary phosphorus (P) from weaning through their 8th gestation. During phase I, 2 groups (24 cows each) were given 20.6 to 38.1 g of P/day and 6.0 to 12.1 g of P/day (increasing as animals grew). During phase II (the 4th gestation), half of the animals from each group were maintained(More)