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Importance Shift-to-shift transitions in care among house staff are associated with adverse events. However, the association between end-of-rotation transition (in which care of the patient is transferred) and adverse events is uncertain. Objective To examine the association of end-of-rotation house staff transitions with mortality among hospitalized(More)
Panel management, a set of tools and processes for proactively caring for patient populations, has potential to reduce morbidity and improve outcomes between office visits. We examined primary care staff's self-efficacy in implementing panel management, its correlates, and an intervention's impact on this self-efficacy. Primary care teams at two Veterans(More)
BACKGROUND As primary care practices evolve into medical homes, there is an increasing need for effective models to shift from visit-based to population-based strategies for care. However, most medical teams lack tools and training to manage panels of patients. As part of a study comparing different approaches to panel management at the Manhattan and(More)
Intervention:Mediterranean diet (Med diet) plus extra-virgin olive oil (EVOO), 50 mL/d (EVOO provided at no cost) (n = 1261); Med diet plus mixed walnuts, almonds, and hazelnuts, 30 g/d (nuts provided at no cost) (n = 1311); or advice to follow a low-fat diet (n = 1261). All participants received dietary advice at baseline. Med-diet groups received(More)
BACKGROUND The Veterans Health Administration (VA) is investing considerable resources into providing remote management care to patients for disease prevention and management. Remote management includes online patient portals, e-mails between patients and providers, follow-up phone calls, and home health devices to monitor health status. However, little is(More)
BACKGROUND As healthcare moves towards technology-driven population health management, clinicians must adopt complex digital platforms to access health information and document care. OBJECTIVES This study explored information literacy, a set of skills required to effectively navigate population health information systems, among primary care providers in(More)
Brian E. Dixon1,2,3; Katherine Barboza4; Ashley E. Jensen4,5; Katelyn J. Bennett4,5; Scott E. Sherman5,4; Mark D. Schwartz4,5 1Center for Health Information and Communication, Department of Veterans Affairs, Veterans Health Administration, Health Services Research and Development Service CIN 13–416, Indianapolis, IN, USA; 2Richard M. Fairbanks School of(More)
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