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Increasing evidence demonstrates that commensal microorganisms in the human skin microbiome help fight pathogens and maintain homeostasis of the microbiome. However, it is unclear how these microorganisms maintain biological balance when one of them overgrows. The overgrowth of Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes), a commensal skin bacterium, has been(More)
Background DNA vaccines have previously not been potent enough to generate immunity in macaques, nor capable of impacting a pathogenic SIV challenge. This study examines the magnitude and phenotype of immune responses induced by an optimized SIV vaccine delivered by electroporation (EP) with or without plasmid IL-12 and the ability of these responses to(More)
Background There are a number of challenges in the development of an effective vaccine for HIV, including stimulation of potent and broad cellular and humoral immune response that can cross protect between strains or clades. We have studied the cellular immune response, using genomics, of a DNA based vaccine that resulted in potent and broad cellular immune(More)
Background Co-stimulatory molecules play a critical role in the development of cellular immunity. Understanding how costimulatory pathways interact and influence the immune response is critical for the generation of an effective HIV vaccine. We evaluated the ability of intravenous administration of blocking monoclonal antibodies (mAb) directed against the(More)
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