Ashley D Richmond

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Low agreeableness is defined and discussed. Disagreeable youth are antagonistic, disputatious, and uncooperative. The low agreeable share two common problems: behavior troubles and interpersonal troubles. A cascade model is suggested whereby initial modest difficulties follow a progressively accelerating trajectory. The cascade begins with temperamental(More)
The present study examined sibling influence over reactive and proactive aggression in a sample of 452 same-sex twins (113 male dyads, 113 female dyads). Between and within siblings influence processes were examined as a function of relative levels of parental coercion and hostility to test the hypothesis that aggression contagion between twins occurs only(More)
OBJECTIVE There is strong evidence that depression anticipates later drinking problems among adults. These associations have not been consistently documented during adolescence, perhaps because little attention has been given to individual differences in peer relationships, which are the primary setting for adolescent alcohol consumption. This study(More)
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