Ashley D. Cox

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BACKGROUND Researchers must identify strategies to optimize the persuasiveness of messages used in public education campaigns encouraging fruit and vegetable (FV) intake. PURPOSE This study examined whether tailoring messages to individuals' regulatory focus (RF), the tendency to be motivated by promotion versus prevention goals, increased the(More)
Complexes formed between phi29 DNA polymerase (DNAP) and DNA fluctuate discretely between the pre-translocation and post-translocation states on the millisecond time scale. The translocation fluctuations can be observed in ionic current traces when individual complexes are captured atop the α-hemolysin nanopore in an electric field. The presence of(More)
  • A D Cox
  • 1993
The context of voluntary befriending schemes to help mothers of young children is outlined. There is evidence that two main UK voluntary befriending schemes to help mothers of young children engage families where there is significant psychosocial morbidity. It is concluded that well conducted befriending schemes can make a significant contribution to the(More)
This study examined the effectiveness of detailed and nondetailed information for encouraging cancer patients to discuss clinical trials with their physicians. We hypothesized that detailed messages would lead to greater understanding of clinical trials and increased intentions and likelihood of broaching the topic with a physician, especially among(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine whether messages matched to individuals' monitoring-blunting coping styles (MBCS) are more effective in increasing fruit and vegetable intake than mismatched messages. MBCS refers to the tendency to either attend to and amplify, or distract oneself from and minimize threatening information. DESIGN/SETTING Randomly assigned messages(More)
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