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Wilsonian explanations for American conflicts : a revaluation of the use of the Wilsonian framework to evaluate conflicts in the history of the United States
This thesis adds to our understanding of American foreign policy and conflicts in the history of the United States through the use of the Wilsonian framework. This is an important topic because theExpand
Wilsonian Ambitions for American Engagement in the First Gulf War
American engagement with the world is one of the most important factors in international relations. One leading example is the Wilsonian School, which has a long tradition of influencing AmericanExpand
Labor Trafficking in Missouri: Revelations from a statewide needs assessment
Knowledge about labor trafficking (LT) lags behind extant understanding about sex trafficking due to the ability of LT to exist within legal frameworks, and it impacts some of the most oppressed an...
A man for all seasons: Woodrow Wilson, transatlantic relations and the war against militarism
This paper investigates the role of transatlantic Wilsonian values in the entry of the United States in to the First World War. Arguing that the offshore balancing thesis and economic rational areExpand