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A new nano-manufacturing method for the creation of high aspect-ratio ferroelectric (PbZr0.52Ti0.48O3) nanostructures by use of polymeric templates is presented. The ferroelectric response is characterized by band-excitation PFM, supporting the high quality of the nanostructures. Piezoelectric size effects for ferroelectric materials are reported for the(More)
We present Hα observations of the isolated interacting galaxy pair NGC 5426/27 using the scanning Fabry-Perot interferometer PUMA. The velocity field, various kinematical parameters and rotation curve for each galaxy were derived. The FWHM map and the residual velocities map were also computed to study the role of non-circular motions of the gas. Most of(More)
Current methods in shear interferometry provide shear only along one direction at a time. We propose a method in which interferograms with shear along the x, y, and xy directions can be obtained simultaneously from a single exposure recording via the concept of spatial multiplexing. The method utilizes holographic lenses, which have been recorded on a(More)
Lateral shear interferometer is a simple yet powerful method for testing wavefronts or measuring refractive index changes. Previously, we have reported a method of using two holographic lenses to obtain shear and to generate a spatial frequency carrier, which was used for quantitative analysis. This technique has some advantages such as stability and(More)
The Llobregat River is a basic drinking water resource for the city of Barcelona, meeting 40% of the demand. The river runs through a densely populated industrial area, so that it has in its history experienced various episodes due to industrial spills. The present work deals with a recent episode involving diacetyl. To the best of our knowledge this(More)
Chemical solution deposition (CSD) provides a low-cost, versatile approach for processing of thin and ultrathin ferroelectric films, as well as short and high aspect ratio ferroelectric nanostructures. This review discusses the state of the art in the processing of ferroelectric oxide thin films and nanostructures by CSD, with special emphasis on nucleation(More)
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