Ashley B. Williams

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Genome maintenance defects cause complex disease phenotypes characterized by developmental failure, cancer susceptibility and premature ageing. It remains poorly understood how DNA damage responses function during organismal development and maintain tissue functionality when DNA damage accumulates with ageing. Here we show that the FOXO transcription factor(More)
To better understand how the cellular response to DNA replication stress is regulated during embryonic development, we and others have established the early C. elegans embryo as a model system to study this important problem. As is the case in most eukaryotic cell types, the replication stress response is controlled by the ATR kinase in early worm embryos.(More)
As nutrients are depleted and cell division ceases in batch cultures of bacteria, active processes are required to ensure that each cell has a complete copy of its genome. How chromosome number is manipulated and maintained in nondividing bacterial cells is not fully understood. Using flow cytometric analysis of cells from different growth phases, we show(More)
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