Ashleigh W Newman

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BACKGROUND Clinical pathologists (CPs) report RBC morphologic (RBC-M) changes to assist clinicians in prioritizing differential diagnoses. However, reporting is subjective, semiquantitative, and potentially biased. Reporting decisions vary among CPs, and reports may not be interpreted by clinicians as intended. OBJECTIVES The aims of this study were to(More)
A 10-year-old female spayed German Shepherd dog, with a year-long history of recurrent left ear infections, was presented for progressive ataxia, head tilt, and pain on opening of the mouth. On physical examination, a large amount of ceruminous debris was present in the left ear and multiple neurologic defects localizing to the cerebellum and vestibular(More)
With advancements in the standard of care in veterinary medicine and instrument technology, performing in-house laboratory work on a variety of point-of-care instruments, ranging from glucometers to benchtop chemistry analyzers, has become increasingly commonplace. However, the ability of an instrument to perform a test does not guarantee that those results(More)
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