Ashlee J. Howarth

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A series of zirconium-based, metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) were tested for their ability to adsorb and remove selenate and selenite anions from aqueous solutions. MOFs were tested for adsorption capacity and uptake time at different concentrations. NU-1000 was shown to have the highest adsorption capacity, and fastest uptake rates for both selenate and(More)
The photooxidation of a mustard-gas simulant, 2-chloroethyl ethyl sulfide (CEES), is studied using a porphyrin-based metal-organic framework (MOF) catalyst. At room temperature and neutral pH value, singlet oxygen is generated by PCN-222/MOF-545 using an inexpensive and commercially available light-emitting diode. The singlet oxygen produced by(More)
ab Water pollution is an issue that should be carefully monitored and addressed. A major source of water pollution originates from high temperature industrial processes such as fossil fuel combustion and solid waste incineration. This waste typically contains high levels of oxyanion/cation forming elements which are particularly hazardous due to their(More)
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