Ashkan Radmand

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Several multiple degree-of-freedom upper-limb prostheses that have the promise of highly dexterous control have recently been developed. Inadequate controllability, however, has limited adoption of these devices. Introducing more robust control methods will likely result in higher acceptance rates. This work investigates the suitability of using(More)
Electromyogram (EMG) pattern recognition has long been used for the control of upper limb prostheses. More recently, it has been shown that variability induced during functional use, such as changes in limb position and dynamic contractions, can have a substantial impact on the robustness of EMG pattern recognition. This work further investigates the(More)
The major task of police force agents in rescue simulation environment is to connect the isolated parts of the city. To achieve this goal, the best blocked roads should be chosen to clear. This selection is based on some issues such as number of burning buildings and victims existing in the mentioned parts. A linear combination of these factors is essential(More)
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