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Firewalls enforce a security policy by inspecting packets arriving or departing a network. This is often accomplished by sequentially comparing the policy rules with the header of an arriving packet until the first match is found. This process becomes time consuming as policies become larger and more complex. Therefore determining the appropriate action for(More)
Increasing resource demands require relational databases to scale. While relational databases are well suited for vertical scaling, specialized hardware can be expensive. Conversely, emerging NewSQL and NoSQL data stores are designed to scale horizontally. NewSQL databases provide ACID transaction support; however, joins are limited to the partition keys,(More)
Reliability of a performance model is quintessential to the robust resource management of applications on the cloud platform. Existing studies show that the contention for shared I/O induces temporal performance variations in a guest VM and heterogeneity in the underlying hardware leads to relative performance difference between guest VMs of the same(More)
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