Ashish Sridhar

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A semi-empirical model is presented that describes the development of a fully developed turbulent boundary layer in the presence of surface roughness with length scale ks that varies with streamwise distance x. Interest is centred on flows for which all terms of the von Kármán integral relation, including the ratio of outer velocity to friction velocity U+(More)
This contribution presents a novel homogenization technique for modeling heterogeneous materials with micro-inertia effects such as locally resonant acoustic metamaterials. Linear elastodynamics is used to model the micro and macro scale problems and an extended first order Computational Homogenization framework is used to establish the coupling. Craig(More)
The underlying work is concerned with the development of physically-motivated constitutive models for the description of size effects within the context of inelastic deformations. A key aspect of this thesis is to develop a theoretical and computational framework for gradient-extended dissipative solids. It incorporates spatial gradients of selected(More)
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