Ashish Palakurthi

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This paper proposes a novel approach to capture the concept<sup>1</sup> of an NL query. Given an NL query, the query is mapped to a tagset, which carries the concepts information. The tagset was created by mapping every noun chunk to the attribute of a table (tableName.attributeNarne) and every verb chunk to a relation in the ER schema. The approach is(More)
This paper describes the system that was submitted to SemEval2016 Task 11: Complex Word Identification. It presents a preliminary investigation into exploring word difficulty for non-native English speakers. We developed two systems using Nearest Centroid Classification technique to distinguish complex words from simple words. Optimized over G-score, the(More)
Attribute information in a natural language query is one of the key features for converting a natural language query into a Structured Query Language 1 (SQL) in Natural Language Interface to Database systems. In this paper, we explore the task of classifying the attributes present in a natural language query into different SQL clauses in a SQL query. In(More)
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