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The incidence of bile duct injury in laparoscopic cholecystectomy is 0.3% to 1.0%. This is higher than the incidence reported for open cholecystectomy (i.e., 0.1–0.2%), and the surgeons all over the world are relentlessly trying to find the ways and means to lower this incidence. Various operating strategies, techniques, and instrumentations such as the 0°(More)
BACKGROUND Vitiligo affects 1% of the world's population with a higher incidence in dark-skinned individuals. Many medical treatments have been attempted with partial success, but recent focus has been on surgical techniques. The aim of this study was to evaluate and compare the therapeutic efficacy of dermabrasion, dermabrasion combined with 5%(More)
INTRODUCTION The difficult gallbladder is the most common 'difficult' laparoscopic surgery being performed by general surgeons all over the world and the potential one that places the patient at significant risk. We present our experience of 6147 cases since January 1993 in a single center with respect to conversion to open cholecystectomy. METHODS(More)
Background: There was a need for a simple method of predicting the severity of gallstone pancreatitis soon after admission, to guide the clinician for intensive monitoring, or for transfer to a specialist center. Aim: To validate the role of simplified criteria [white blood cell count (WBC) > 14.5 x 10/dl; blood urea nitrogen (BUN) > 12 mg/dl; random blood(More)
Impotence is syndrome involving the interaction of psychogenic, hormonal, neurological, arterial, venous & sinusoidal factors. Management of impotence has evolved from a time-born pattern of sympathetic discussion and empiric use of medication to a scientifically planned diagnostic protocol and specific treatment regime. The present study was undertaken to(More)
Sarcoma of the breast constitutes less than 1% of all malignant breast tumors and liposarcoma of the breast has an incidence of 0.3% of all the mammary sarcomas. A 90-year-old woman presented with a mass in the upper outer quadrant of the right breast measuring 25 x 15 x 7 cm. Mammography was performed and the mass was diagnosed as a liposarcoma. A wide(More)
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