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The term fractal was coined in 1975 by Benoit Mandelbrot, from the Latin fractus, meaning "broken" or "fractured". In colloquial usage, a fractal is a shape that is recursively constructed or self-similar, that is, a shape that appears similar at all scales of magnification and is therefore often referred to as "infinitely complex". Researchers used(More)
Complex graphics of dynamical system have been a subject of intense research nowadays. The fractal geometry is the base of these beautiful graphical images. Many researchers and authors have worked to study the complex nature of the two most popular sets in fractal geometry, the Julia set and the Mandelbrot set, and proposed their work in various forms(More)
Now a days most of the researchers are doing lots of work in the area of image compression. Fractal image compression requires lots of mathematical computation to compress an image. Fractal image compression is a recent technique based on the representation of an image by a contractive transform, on the space of images, for which the fixed point is close(More)
This paper addresses the area of image compression as it is applicable to various fields of image processing. On the basis of evaluating and analyzing the current image compression techniques this paper presents the Adaptive byte compression and decompression technique an approach applied to fractal image compression. It also includes various benefits of(More)