Ashish Mishra

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A systematic experimental and theoretical investigation of the elastic and failure properties of ZnO nanowires (NWs) under different loading modes has been carried out. In situ scanning electron microscopy (SEM) tension and buckling tests on single ZnO NWs along the polar direction [0001] were conducted. Both tensile modulus (from tension) and bending(More)
A total of 1,151 endophytic fungal isolates representing 29 taxa were isolated from symptom-less, surface-sterilized segments of stem, leaf, petiole, and root of Tinospora cordifolia which had been collected at three locations differing in air pollution in India (Ramnagar, Banaras Hindu University, Maruadih) during three seasons (summer, monsoon, winter).(More)
A biometric system is essentially a pattern recognition system that operates by acquiring biometric data from an individual, extracting a feature set from the acquired data, and comparing this feature set against the template set in the database. Multimodal biometric systems are becoming more and more popular, they have more accuracy as compared to unimodal(More)
To study the diversity, distribution and community structure of endophytic fungi, a medicinal plant Cinnamomum camphora (L.) Presl., was selected from ayurvedic garden of Banaras Hindu University (BHU), Varanasi, India. Differences were observed between the endophytic myco-population of young and mature tissues of leaf, stem and petiole. The leaf segments(More)
Diarrhea is a serious problem affecting 3-5 billion people per year around the world, especially children of below 5 years. 70% of the world population uses traditional and indigenous medicine for their primary health care. The facts of these indigenous remedies are passed verbally and sometimes as documents. Since ancient time, Ayurveda is the main system(More)
The objective of present investigation was to prepare and evaluate directly compressible co-processed excipient for sustained release tablets. Tramadol hydrochloride was selected as a model drug. Percentage of glyceryl monostearate, proportion of dicalcium phosphate dihydrate with respect to glyceryl monostearate and concentration of polyvinyl pyrrolidone(More)
The objective of present work was to develop a “tablets in capsule” system for facilitating both immediate and pulsatile drug deliveries of theophylline to mimic the circadian rhythm of nocturnal asthma. The system comprised of capsule filled with two tablets, first pulse and second pulse tablet prepared by wet granulation method. First pulse tablet was not(More)