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This paper describes a novel low power 10-bit 125 Msps pipelined ADC implemented in 65 nm standard digital CMOS process. Proposed ADC implements 2.5 b/stage with amplifier shared between consecutive stages, achieves best in class FOM of 0.27 pJ/step with conversion power of 0.16 mW/Msps. The ADC amplifier employs novel techniques of adaptive biasing and(More)
—Recently cognitive radios have been proposed to mitigate the problem of spectrum scarcity and spectrum under-utilization. One of the key aspect of the cognitive radio is the optimal channel selection. The cognitive radio system selects a licensed band which has acceptable availability and also satisfies the system needs in terms of bandwidth and power(More)
MOTIVATION Advances in high-throughput genotyping have made it possible to carry out genome-wide association studies using very high densities of genetic markers. This has led to the problem of the storage, management, quality control, presentation and interpretation of results. In order to achieve a successful outcome, it may be necessary to analyse the(More)
This paper focuses on the stochastic modeling of a computer system of two identical units-one is initially operative and other is kept as spare in cold standby. In each unit h/w and s/w components work together and fail independently. There is a single server who visits the system immediately as and when required. The server takes the unit under preventive(More)
The world of computing has recently seen rapid transitions from uni-core processors to multi-core processors. Tools for learning, such as processor simulators also need to make a transition to this new paradigm of computing. A simulator needs to incorporate support not only for the latest processors but also for early generation processors. This enables the(More)
Keywords: Store format choice Consumer sensitivity Multivariate probit Retailing Multi-category model a b s t r a c t Retailing industry has undergone tremendous change in its complexity and sophistication over the past few years. Globally we are witnessing the evolution of retailing industry from traditionally micro-managed small retail formats like mom(More)