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BACKGROUND Salinity is known to affect almost half of the world's irrigated lands, especially rice fields. Furthermore, cyanobacteria, one of the critical inhabitants of rice fields have been characterized at molecular level from many different geographical locations. This study, for the first time, has examined the molecular diversity of cyanobacteria(More)
This paper describes an efficient synthesis and the antiparasitic evaluation of cyclic beta-amino acid-containing dipeptides 3.1-3.6 and 4.1-4.5. The antimalarial properties of all these dipeptides have been evaluated in vitro against Plasmodium falciparum and in vivo against Plasmodium berghai. Compounds 4.4 and 4.5 have been found to be very effective in(More)
Nowadays, everything is moving towards the wireless environment to bring the smartness to the society. In this situation, it is necessary to bring the smart technologies in the wireless environment. By considering this in mind, we concentrated to incorporate the mobile agent in the wireless environment to gather information. The problem with the mobile(More)
In Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) mobile node is responsible for route establishment using wireless link where each node may behave like both as a host and router. MANET encounters number of security threats because of its open entrusted environment, with little security arrangement, security over MANET can be enhance up to some satisfactory level because of(More)
With growing human population and search for new habitus and unsustainable use of natural resources, over exploitation of forests and wildlife is taking place world over. This is resulting in drastic decline in the number of essential flora and fauna. We propose a complete safe guard model named Forest Guard, for saving wildlife from human as well as their(More)
Cloud computing promises to deliver cost saving through the "pay as you use" paradigm. The focus is on adding computing resources when needed and releasing them when the need is serviced. Since cloud computing relies on providing computing power through multiple interconnected computers, there is a paradigm shift from one large machine to a combination of(More)
Electroencephalographic studies were undertaken in goats to correlate with normal behavioral states and physiological conditions. Duplicate EEG records from 4 adult female goats (8-12 months, 10 +/- 2 kg body wt), using bipolar scalp electrodes placed in occipital region, were obtained to evaluate electrical responses of brain during different postures and(More)