Ashish Kumar Gupta

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We consider the problem of evaluating large numbers of XPath filters, each with many predicates, on a stream of XML documents. The solution we propose is to lazily construct a single deterministic pushdown automata, called <i>the XPush Machine</i> from the given XPath fllters. We describe a number of optimization techniques to make the lazy XPush machine(More)
Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a major cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. The modern management of severe TBI has fallen into the domain of a multidisciplinary team led by neurointensivists, neuroanaesthetists, and neurosurgeons and is based on the avoidance of secondary injury, maintenance of cerebral perfusion pressure (CPP), and optimization of(More)
Recently several important relational database tasks such as index selection, histogram tuning, approximate query processing, and statistics selection have recognized the importance of leveraging workloads. Often these tasks are presented with large workloads, i.e., a set of SQL DML statements, as input. A key factor affecting the scalability of such tasks(More)
Caroli's disease is a rare congenital disorder and occasional cases have been reported from Japan and other parts of Asia. It comprises of congenital dilation of the lower (segmental) intrahepatic bile duct. Cholangitis liver, cirrhosis and cholangiocarcinoma are its potential complication. A case of caroli's disease in an 8-years-old boy with bilobar(More)
We consider the view selection problem for XML content based routing: given a network, in which a stream of XML documents is routed and the routing decisions are taken based on results of evaluating XPath predicates on these documents, select a set of views that maximize the throughput of the network. While in view selection for relational queries the(More)
Post burn pruritus is a well recognised symptom in almost all burn patients. Yet, there is insufficient awareness about the etiopathogenesis and a lack of a systematic approach in the assessment and treatment of this distressing symptom. The current standard therapies include antihistamines, which are effective as sole therapy in only 20% patients, and(More)
Sitagliptin, a selective dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibitor drug is used to treat type-2 diabetes (T2DM). We investigated the anti-platelet activity of sitagliptin in patients with T2DM and in in vitro samples obtained from healthy humans. Patients with T2DM (27 male + 23 female) were selected and followed up before (control) and after treatment with(More)
were smokers. Smoking adversely affects the blood supply to the skin, leads to tissue hypoxia and has a negative effect on normal wound healing. Skin undermining may decrease blood supply to the skin. Non-absorbable sutures were more likely to extrude in the long term while absorbable sutures are more prone to infection and extrusion in the short term.(More)
Fibrous dysplasia is a condition characterised by excessive proliferation of bone-forming mesenchymal cells. Although a variety of causative factors are described, the exact aetiology is yet to be fully known. The maxilla is the most commonly affected facial bone, with facial asymmetry being the usual complaint. Surgery is the treatment of choice with two(More)