Ashish Kumar Gupta

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We consider the problem of evaluating large numbers of XPath filters, each with many predicates, on a stream of XML documents. The solution we propose is to lazily construct a single deterministic pushdown automata, called <i>the XPush Machine</i> from the given XPath fllters. We describe a number of optimization techniques to make the lazy XPush machine(More)
Recently several important relational database tasks such as index selection, histogram tuning, approximate query processing, and statistics selection have recognized the importance of leveraging workloads. Often these tasks are presented with large workloads, i.e., a set of SQL DML statements, as input. A key factor affecting the scalability of such tasks(More)
We consider the view selection problem for XML content based routing: given a network, in which a stream of XML documents is routed and the routing decisions are taken based on results of evaluating XPath predicates on these documents, select a set of views that maximize the throughput of the network. While in view selection for relational queries the(More)
This study focuses on the performance analysis on routing and wavelength assignment approaches for optical networks. In today's life Internet traffic is being increasing tremendously so, routing &wavelength assignment is the most challenging job in wavelength routed optical networks to provide end-users best facilities in lesser time. Another most important(More)
The shifted-contour auxiliary-field Monte Carlo ͑SCAFMC͒ approach has been recently developed by Rom, Charutz and Neuhauser as an extension of the auxiliary-field Monte Carlo ͑AFMC͒ method. AFMC replaces the difficult fully interacting electrons problem by an ensemble of simpler problems where the electrons interact with a fluctuating electric field but not(More)
Arteriovenous malformations (AVMs) of the scrotum are uncommon lesions, usually picked up incidentally during the evaluation of scrotal masses or infertility. They have also been reported to present with acute bleeding. We present a case who presented with acute pain following an abandoned surgical attempt at excision, elsewhere. Diagnosis was confirmed by(More)
Indian mustard, Brassica juncea (Linn.) Czernj and Cosson is ravaged by several diseases viz., Alternaria blight, Sclerotinia stem rot, white rust and nutrient deficiency causing substantial yield loss. A field experiment was conducted on the integrated management of major diseases in Indian mustard through different combinations of balanced fertilization,(More)
BACKGROUND There has been ample discussion on the levels and trends of infant mortality in India over time, but what remains less explored are, the differentials in infant mortality according to household headship. This paper examined the differences in the determinants of infant mortality between male-headed households (MHH) and female-headed households(More)