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Embodied study investigates the role of GRX and associated antioxidant enzymes in the detoxification mechanism between arsenic (As) sensitive (Usar-3) and tolerant cultivar (Pant Dhan 11) of Oryza(More)
The present study was intended to investigate the role of algae, Anabaena sp. in the amelioration of As toxicity, when co-cultured with rice seedlings. The reduction of growth in rice seedlings(More)
The present study evaluates the reduction of arsenate (As[V]) uptake in rice seedlings through individual and combined supplementation of phosphate (PO4(3-)) and selenite (Se[IV]) in a hydroponic(More)
A novel Salicornia brachiata Salt Inducible (SbSI-1) gene was isolated and overexpressed in tobacco for in planta functional validation subjected to drought and salt stress. SbSI-1 is a nuclear(More)
The study investigated the reduction in metalloid uptake at equimolar concentrations (~53.3 μM) of As(III) and As(V) in contrasting pair of rice seedlings by pretreating with H2O2 (1.0 μM) and SA(More)