Ashish Kulkarni

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We present an approach and a system for collective disambiguation of entity mentions occurring in natural language text. Given an input text, the system spots mentions and their candidate entities. Candidate entities across all mentions are jointly modeled as binary nodes in a Markov Random Field. Their edges correspond to the joint signal between pairs of(More)
The roots of Clerodendrum serratum commonly known as Bharangi is used in treatment of fevers, rheumatism and dyspepsia. Aqueous extract (AE) and methanolic extract(ME) of roots of Clerodendrum serratum were screened for in vivo anticancer activity using DLA cell model at the dose 100 mg and 200mg/kg body weight. The parameters were analyzed mean survival(More)
Methylammonium iodo bismuthate ((CH3NH3)3Bi2I9) (MBI) perovskite is a promising alternative to rapidly progressing hybrid organic-inorganic lead perovskites because of its better stability and low toxicity compared to lead-based perovskites. Solution-processed perovskite fabricated by single-step spin-coating and subsequent heating produced polycrystalline(More)
It is well known that the surface trap states and electronic disorders in the solution-processed CH3 NH3 PbI3 perovskite film affect the solar cell performance significantly and moisture sensitivity of photoactive perovskite material limits its practical applications. Herein, we show the surface modification of a perovskite film with a solution-processable(More)
In today‟s transient world, securing digital assets is very important. For data authentication and integrity of the relational database we have proposed a secure method which uses both semantic and syntactic techniques to watermark the tuple in a relation. The Watermarking technique is dependent on secret key and on the relation. The proposed algorithm is(More)
Traditional fluid mechanics textbooks are generally written with problem sets comprised of closed, analytical solutions. However, it is recognized that complex flow fields are not easily represented in terms of a closed solution. A tool that allows the student to visualize complex flow phenomena in a virtual environment can significantly enhance the(More)
We study the problem of ontology population for a domain ontology and present solutions based on semi-automatic techniques. A domain ontology for an organization, often consists of classes whose instances are either specific to, or independent of the organization. E.g. in an academic domain ontology, classes like Professor, Department could be organization(More)
Recently Kulkarni et al. [20] proposed an approach for collective disambiguation of entity mentions occurring in natural language text. Their model achieves disambiguation by efficiently computing exact MAP inference in a binary labeled Markov Random Field. Here, we build on their disambiguation model and propose an approach to jointly learn the node and(More)
Nowadays digital data is increasing and securing these assets is vital. Generating and distribution of digital content via Internet has raised many opportunity for good and bad reasons. Many cases on piracy and privacy are registered for falsification, tampering or forgery on digital data like database, multimedia, document etc. And most important is to(More)