Ashish K. Rai

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The incidence of severe burn is extremely high in the Low and Middle Income Countries with an estimated 90% of the world incidence of which 50% is in South East Asia. Through an earlier analysis of 11,196 burn admission over 8 years (1993-2000--Phase I) to our burn unit we established the endemic nature of the injury [Ahuja RB, Bhattacharya S. An analysis(More)
INTRODUCTION Transverse facial cleft (Tessier type 7) or congenital macrostomia is a rare congenital anomaly seldom occurring alone and is frequently associated with deformities of the structures developing from the first and second branchial arches. The reported incidence of No. 7 cleft varies from 1 in 60,000 to 1 in 300,000 live births. MATERIAL AND(More)
Actinomycosis of head and neck are secondary to a nidus in the oral cavity and the aero-digestive tract. Primary actinomycosis without such predisposition is mostly due to trauma. We are presenting a case of this rare variant involving the forehead. The patient had a swelling over the forehead after a windscreen injury, which was asymptomatic for 17 years.(More)
Aluminum nanoparticles have increasingly gained attention because of their potential incorporation in explosive and propellant mixtures. This letter reports on a qualitative study on the oxidation of aluminum nanoparticles containing a passivating oxide coating. Hot-stage transmission electron microscopy (TEM) studies were performed to understand the(More)
OBJECTIVE We studied the epidemiology of paediatric firework-related injury in the urban population of Delhi during the festival of lights (Diwali). METHODS In this prospective observational study, data were collected on the day of Diwali for two consecutive years, 2010 and 2011. All children with firework injuries coming to the emergency room were(More)
A67-year-oldwhitemanwith amedical history of hypertension presented to the hospital after noting irregular heartbeats on his home blood pressure monitor. He had no palpitations. The electrocardiogram showed several premature ventricular contractions. Results of 30-day Holter monitoring were obtained, andmore than 5000prematureventricular contractionswere(More)
Title of Thesis: EFFECTS OF TEMPERATURE AND AEROSOL CONTENT ON LASER-INDUCED BREAKDOWN SPECTROSCOPY DETECTION LIMITS Kyle F. Kratzsch, Master of Science, 2004 Thesis Directed By: Assistant Professor, Steven G. Buckley, Department of Mechanical Engineering Research to analyze effects of ambient temperature and aerosol dispersity on Laser-Induced Breakdown(More)
Background: Abdominal wound dehiscence (AWD) is a severe postoperative complication associated with high mortality and morbidity. Prolonged hospital stay, high incidence of incisional hernia, and subsequent reoperations underline the severity of this complication. The goal of the underlying study was to evaluate possible risk factors for abdominal wound(More)