Ashish K. Ahuja

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Epiretinal prostheses are being developed to bypass a degenerated photoreceptor layer and excite surviving ganglion and inner retinal cells. We used custom microfabricated multielectrode arrays with 200-microm-diameter stimulating electrodes and 10-microm-diameter recording electrodes to stimulate and record neural responses in isolated tiger salamander(More)
As microelectrodes gain widespread use for electrochemical sensing, biopotential recording, and neural stimulation, it becomes important to understand the dependence of electrochemical impedance on microelectrode size. It has been shown mathematically that a disc electrode, coplanar in an insulating substrate and exposed to a conducting media, exhibits an(More)
With applied potential, the current distribution at the surface of a disk electrode is spatially nonuniform and time dependent. This distribution is important to control in applications that desire a uniform current density profile or minimal corrosion. We examine the current density profile of a capacitive disk electrode subjected to a voltage-step using(More)
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