Ashish Jadhav

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Today people are facing more problems about security in all over world, nowadays security is the most essential issue everywhere in the world; so security of everything gains higher and higher importance in recent years. Here in this paper, trying to reproduce the comprehensive literature study related to the various door locks and gate security systems(More)
This paper summarizes how one can make use of 4th generation of wireless communication to control Ground Combat Vehicle which is the Army's replacement program for armoured fighting vehicles in Heavy and Stryker brigade combat teams. Robotics in army is an interesting field where every engineer can showcase his creative and technical skills. As the(More)
OFDM has several distinct challenges in the underwater channel environment. The underwater channel is known to be highly frequency selective with large delay and Doppler spreading as well as fast time variance. To overcome the poor communication environment between the underwater acoustic signal transmitter and receiver, previous research applied underwater(More)
The threat of malware is perpetual in digital computing systems. To counter the infection, malware industries and analysts have been coming with cutting-edge solutions and preventive measures for various categories of malware threats. At the same time malware authors are putting consistent efforts to evade security solutions and prevention systems. In this(More)
Introduction: Post operative surgical infections arouses big interest among surgeons and are considered unfortunate but inevitable. Despite the tremendous sophistication in surgical techniques and advances in microbial studies, postoperative infections continue to present major challenge in the day to day practice, It also causes discomfort to the patient,(More)
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