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In asymmetric key cryptography, also called Public Key cryptography, two different keys (which forms a key pair) are used. One key is used for encryption & only the other corresponding key must be used for decryption. No other key can decrypt the message, not even the original (i.e. the first) key used for encryption. The beauty of this scheme is that(More)
RSA is the asymmetric cryptography system. The security of RSA public key cryptosystem is based on the assumption that factoring of a large number (modulus). Integer Factorization is an important problem mainly due to its connection with RSA algorihm of Public key cryptography. We present a new special purpose algorithm (VFactor) for factoring. We compare(More)
In this paper, Kalman filtering is used for MIMO-OFDM channel estimation. First we uses the MIMO-OFDM Training sequences, the current channel response at the receiving end, and then use the Kalman filter method to estimate the channel response. The measure and tracking, using the Jakes channel transmission model. Through simulation can be seen, and compared(More)
An online hotlink assignment algorithm is proposed for designing adaptive websites. The objective is to reach desired pages on a website in minimum number of clicks, thereby reducing the load on the web server. As a consequence, the traffic on the internet is also reduced. The hotlinks are assigned based on the frequency of access of pages. We model a(More)
Proper placement of FACTS devices is very important for the rapid and successful operation because of high cost and circuit complexities. In this paper best location of UPFC (Unified Power Flow Controller) is obtained both for static and transient voltage stability enhancement of an IEEE 14 bus power system. The simulation is done on PSAT (Power System(More)
Big Data is the technology that has changed the world. Its powerful abilities to process the data and generate the valuable data out of that has challenged the saying wisdom can be only possessed by those who have souls. Though the big data analytics is quite successful in mining the value out of the large pool of data but Big Data alone is not enough in(More)
Integration of optics with genetics to control any events within particular cells of living tissue is known as optogenetics. Term 'Optogenetics' was introduced in early 1970's. It is the marriage between optics and genetics to control specific cells of living tissue. This paper introduces the field of optogenetics and its emergence from biophotonics and(More)