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We present incremental evaluation algorithms to compute changes to materialized views in relational and deductive database systems, in response to changes (insertions, deletions, and updates) to the relations. The view deenitions can be in SQL or Datalog, and may use UNION, negation, aggregation (e.g. SUM, MIN), linear recursion, and general recursion. We(More)
An online hotlink assignment algorithm is proposed for designing adaptive websites. The objective is to reach desired pages on a website in minimum number of clicks, thereby reducing the load on the web server. As a consequence, the traffic on the internet is also reduced. The hotlinks are assigned based on the frequency of access of pages. We model a(More)
We are moving from the traditional wired communications to wireless communications. Wireless network consists of several nodes which communicate without any wired channel. MANET (Mobile adhoc network) is one of the types of wireless network. Mobile means moving, infrastructure less and network means communication between nodes. So, " Mobile adhoc networks "(More)
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