Ashish Gupta

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Cognitive psychologists have long recognized that the acquisition of a motor skill involves a transition from attention-demanding controlled processing to more fluent automatic processing. Neurosci-entific studies suggest that controlled and automatic processing rely on two largely distinct neural pathways. The controlled pathway, which includes the(More)
AIM To analyze the causes, demographic and socio-cultural aspects, and the magnitude of burn injuries prospectively and to evaluate the outcome of treatment of patients admitted to burns ICU of tertiary care hospital. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 892 burn patients admitted over a period of 6 years from January 2002 to December 2007 at tertiary care(More)
Traditional artificial neural network models of learning suffer from catastrophic interference. They are commonly trained to perform only one specific task, and when trained on a new task, they forget the original task completely. It has been shown that the foundational neu-rocomputational principles embodied by the Leabra cognitive modeling framework are(More)
INTRODUCTION Trauma and injury severity score (TRISS), introduced in 1981 is a combination index based on revised trauma score (RTS), injury severity score (ISS) and patient's age. In this study we have used TRISS method to predict the outcome in trauma cases. MATERIALS AND METHODS 1000 consecutive cases of trauma of adult age group admitted in casualty(More)
The shifted-contour auxiliary-field Monte Carlo ͑SCAFMC͒ approach has been recently developed by Rom, Charutz and Neuhauser as an extension of the auxiliary-field Monte Carlo ͑AFMC͒ method. AFMC replaces the difficult fully interacting electrons problem by an ensemble of simpler problems where the electrons interact with a fluctuating electric field but not(More)
OBJECTIVE Maintenance of meticulous oral health practices is critical for patients who are under orthodontic treatment as failure to do so can result in deterioration of periodontal health. Thus, the present study was commenced to assess dental negligence and oral health status among patients undergoing orthodontic treatment using dental neglect scale (DNS)(More)
Arteriovenous malformations (AVMs) of the scrotum are uncommon lesions, usually picked up incidentally during the evaluation of scrotal masses or infertility. They have also been reported to present with acute bleeding. We present a case who presented with acute pain following an abandoned surgical attempt at excision, elsewhere. Diagnosis was confirmed by(More)
Indian mustard, Brassica juncea (Linn.) Czernj and Cosson is ravaged by several diseases viz., Alternaria blight, Sclerotinia stem rot, white rust and nutrient deficiency causing substantial yield loss. A field experiment was conducted on the integrated management of major diseases in Indian mustard through different combinations of balanced fertilization,(More)