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Itemset mining has been an active area of research due to its successful application in various data mining scenarios including finding association rules. Though most of the past work has been on finding frequent itemsets, infrequent itemset mining has demonstrated its utility in web mining, bioinformatics and other fields. In this paper, we propose a new(More)
We focus on crowd-powered ltering, i.e., ltering a large set of items using humans. Filtering is one of the most commonly used building blocks in crowdsourcing applications and systems. While solutions for crowd-powered ltering exist, they make a range of implicit assumptions and restrictions, ultimately rendering them not powerful enough for real-world(More)
Adenoviruses are linear double-stranded DNA viruses that infect human and rodent cell lines, occasionally transform them and cause tumors in animal models. The host cell challenges the virus in multifaceted ways to restrain viral gene expression and DNA replication, and sometimes even eliminates the infected cells by programmed cell death. To combat these(More)
We have examined the mechanism of the inhibition of cholesterol synthesis in cells treated with exogenous sphingomyelinase. Treatment of rat intestinal epithelial cells (IEC-6), human skin fibroblasts (GM-43), and human hepatoma (HepG2) cells in culture with sphingomyelinase resulted in a concentration- and time-dependent inhibition of the activity of(More)
Cytokines are polypeptide growth factors produced by most nucleated cells in the body, including epithelial cells, keratinocytes, and Langerhans cells in the skin. Cytokines can be classified into interleukins, tumor necrosis factors, chemokines, colony-stimulating factor, interferons, and growth factors. Like classic hormones, cytokines bind to specific(More)
Members of the multiple antibiotic resistance regulator (MarR) family often regulate gene activity by responding to a specific ligand. In the absence of ligand, most MarR proteins function as repressors, while ligand binding causes attenuated DNA binding and therefore increased gene expression. Previously, we have shown that urate is a ligand for MftR(More)
The addition of neutral sphingomyelinase from S. aureus to the medium of rat intestinal epithelial cell cultures (IEC-6) containing added human low density lipoprotein (LDL) resulted in two- to fivefold increases in LDL uptake and degradation. This overall effect was shown to be the combined result of sphingomyelinase activity on the composition of the LDL(More)
Users today are struggling to integrate a broad range of information sources that provide diierent levels of query capabilities. Currently, data sources with diierent and limited capabilities are accessed either by writing rich functional wrappers for the more primitive sources, or by dealing with all sources at a "lowest common denominator". This paper(More)
Wrappers provide access to heterogeneous information sources by converting application queries into source speciic queries or commands. In this paper we present a wrapper implementation toolkit that facilitates rapid development of wrappers. We focus on the query translation component of the toolkit, called the converter. The converter takes as input a(More)