Ashish Gupta

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PURPOSE To compare central dialysis catheter patency rates after stripping procedures with those after urokinase (UK) infusion. MATERIALS AND METHODS Fifty-seven tunneled catheters with either (i) flow rates less than 250 mL/min and established baseline flow rates > or = 300 mL/min or (ii) flow rates 50 mL/min less than higher established baseline flows(More)
Proanthocyanidin is commonly used for inhibiting urinary tract infection (UTI) of sensitive strains of Escherichia coli. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of proanthocyanidin on adherence of uropathogenic multi-drug resistant E. coli to uroepithelial cells, which has not yet been investigated so far. Extracts of the purified(More)
Introduction: Platelets are small, anucleated cytoplasmic fragments that play an essential role in blood clotting and wound healing. Platelets are routinely stored in plasma for five days at 220C. Aim: Our objective was to assess platelet morphology and function in random donor platelet stored for seven days in platelet additive solution. Methods: The(More)
This article describes proton MR spectroscopic analysis of cerebrospinal fluid of 167 children suffering from meningitis and 24 control cases. Quantification of 12 well-separated and commonly observed cerebrospinal fluid metabolites viz., beta-hydroxybutyrate, lactate, alanine, acetate, acetone, acetoacetate, pyruvate, glutamine, citrate,(More)
The aim of the present study is to assess the comparison of trace elements and serum ceruloplasmin level in normal and pre-eclamptic pregnancies with their cord blood. Pregnancy is associated with increased demand of all the micronutrients like Iron, Copper, Zinc, Vit B12, Folic acid and Ascorbic acid. The pregnant women were admitted in maternity ward,(More)
The mechanism of DNA replication initiation and progression is poorly understood in the parasites, including human malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum. Using bioinformatics tools and yeast complementation assay, we identified a putative homologue of Saccharomyces cerevisiaeorigin recognition complex subunit 5 in P. falciparum (PfORC5). PfORC5 forms(More)
Origin recognition complex subunit 1 (ORC1) is essential for DNA replication in eukaryotes. The deadly human malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum contains an ORC1/CDC6 homolog with several interesting domains at the catalytic carboxyl-terminal region that include a putative nucleoside triphosphate-binding and hydrolysis domain, a putative(More)
Despite continuing research for precise probing and grading of prostate cancer (PC) biomarkers, the indexes lack sensitivity and specificity. To search for PC biomarkers, we used proton nuclear magnetic resonance ((1)H NMR)-derived serum metabolomics. The study comprises 102 serum samples obtained from low-grade (LG, n = 40) and high-grade (HG, n = 30) PC(More)