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Members of the multiple antibiotic resistance regulator (MarR) family often regulate gene activity by responding to a specific ligand. In the absence of ligand, most MarR proteins function as repressors, while ligand binding causes attenuated DNA binding and therefore increased gene expression. Previously, we have shown that urate is a ligand for MftR(More)
A modern enterprise is a heavily wired and networked socio-technical system where multiple components play in symphony to yield a competitive position in the ear of digital economy. While the underling communication and interaction systems facilitate knowledge workers to carry out the enterprise mission and furnish service to the society, there are many(More)
We describe the design and development of a user-oriented framework for process and performance modeling of next-generation enterprise systems. This work integrates and builds upon elements from four major areas: enterprise process modeling, distributed computing, modern accounting techniques, and engineering methods. Enterprise process modeling methods(More)
An indispensable mode of communication and information sharing in modern organizations is email. In particular, emails have been known to cause interruptions in the processing of knowledge workers' primary tasks, thereby increasing information overload. There is a penalty, in terms of extra reimmersion time, associated with every task that gets interrupted(More)