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RAMCloud is a storage system that provides low-latency access to large-scale datasets. To achieve low latency, RAMCloud stores all data in DRAM at all times. To support large capacities (1PB or more), it aggregates the memories of thousands of servers into a single coherent key-value store. RAMCloud ensures the durability of DRAM-based data by keeping(More)
Visual inspection of neuroimagery is susceptible to human eye limitations. Computerized methods have been shown to be equally or more e↵ective than human clinicians in diagnosing dementia from neuroimages. Nevertheless , much of the work involves the use of domain expertise to extract hand–crafted features. The key technique in this paper is the use of(More)
Due to increase in use of Short Message Service (SMS) over mobile phones in developing countries, there has been a burst of spam SMSes. Content-based machine learning approaches were effective in filtering email spams. Researchers have used topical and stylistic features of the SMS to classify spam and ham. SMS spam filtering can be largely influenced by(More)
Web-based enterprises process events generated by millions of users interacting with their websites. Rich statistical data distilled from combining such interactions in near real-time generates enormous business value. In this paper, we describe the architecture of Photon, a geographically distributed system for joining multiple continuously flowing streams(More)
Mesa is a highly scalable analytic data warehousing system that stores critical measurement data related to Google's Internet advertising business. Mesa is designed to satisfy a complex and challenging set of user and systems requirements , including near real-time data ingestion and querya-bility, as well as high availability, reliability, fault tolerance,(More)
—With the advent of increased computing on mobile devices such as phones and tablets, it has become crucial to pay attention to the energy consumption of mobile applications. The software engineering field is now faced with a whole new spectrum of energy-related challenges, ranging from power budgeting to testing and debugging the energy consumption. To the(More)
Many large-scale key-value storage systems sacrifice features like secondary indexing and/or consistency in favor of scalability or performance. This limits the ease and efficiency of application development on such systems. Implementing secondary indexing in a large-scale memory based system is challenging because the goals for low latency, high(More)
Computational approaches to generate hypotheses from biomedical literature have been studied intensively in recent years. Nevertheless, it still remains a challenge to automatically discover novel, cross-silo biomedical hypotheses from large-scale literature repositories. In order to address this challenge, we first model a biomedical literature repository(More)