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A total of 774 carotid endarterectomies were done; 363 (47%) for completed strokes and strokes with unstable neurological status and 411 (53%) for transient ischaemic attacks. One hundred eight emergency carotid endarterectomies were done in the stroke group for either recurrent strokes or where the lumen of the internal carotid was less than 0.5 mm.(More)
BACKGROUND Laryngoscopy and intubation evokes a transient but marked sympathetic response manifesting as increase in heart rate, blood pressure & arrhythmias. We conducted a study to compare the effect of different doses of gabapentin on hemodynamics associated with laryngoscopy and intubation. PATIENTS #ENTITYSTARTX00026; METHODS Ninety normotensive(More)
Juvenile ossifying fibroma is a rare fibro-osseous lesion containing variable amount of calcified masses, which resembles bone or cementum within a fibrocellular connective tissue stroma. It has variable clinical behavior, highly aggressive in nature including invasion and destruction of adjacent anatomic structures with a strong tendency to recur. We(More)
A three-month-old female infant presented with abdominal distention for 2 months. A large palpable mass in right upper quadrant was noted on physical exam. Abdominal ultrasound revealed a large heterogeneous mass with multiple cystic components. Mass was surgically excised and pathology was consistent with mature adrenal teratoma. Teratoma is a germ cell(More)
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